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Graduate Summer School "International Cooperation and Sustainable Development Policies"

The 5th International Cooperation and Sustainable Development Policies Graduate Summer School organised by University of Bologna will focus on the different dimensions (the ecological, the economic, the social and the international) of sustainable rural development taking into particular consideration the multifunctional role of agriculture.

The Course has the aim to offer an overview on the different tools and policies aimed to promote sustainable rural development. The programme of the 5th International Cooperation and Sustainable Development Policies Graduate Summer School will include also seminars on: The Integration of the New Member States into the Common Agricultural Policy; Regional Development; Organic Farming Policies for Sustainable Development; Appropriate Marketing Strategies for Sustainable Agricultural Products; Rural Areas and Social Development; Biomass for Rural Development.

The Graduate Summer School is open to:

  • Graduate students, preferably with a background in Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Development Studies, Economics, Environmental Sciences, European Studies, Political Science, and other relevant subjects.
  • PhD and Masters Students.
  • Professionals from NGOs, governmental organisations, aid organisations, research institutes; scientific and other relevant foundations.

A limited number of scholarships will be offered on a competitive basis to students from Central and South Eastern Europe.

Please find the application form and additional information at www.porrettasummerschool.it

Application deadline: 30th June 2008

For further information do not hesitate to contact the Course Staff: e-mail

Preuzmi poziv (PDF - 92kB)




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